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Guild D-35 Reconstruction (380) - SOLD

Price: $950

Free Shipping

No case


The guitar has a two year structural warranty. See warranty statement below.

No case. (Shipping in cardboard case.)

All cracks and all damage areas are comprehensively repaired. This is easy to do because the back was removed. The original bracing was cracked right across the "X" and in other places too. So the bracing was replaced with moonlightluthiers X-bracing. The upper bout is now completely stabilized.

So this is a player's guitar, not a showpiece by any means. However, you won’t find any Guild D-35/40 anywhere that sounds as good as this one. Well, maybe the guy who bought the last D35 from moonlightluthiers has one to compare.

Harmonic response is excellent. Tone quality is balanced from high to low with impressive volume lightly strummed. You will not be disappointed. Be sure to check out our feedback on the Guild D35/D40 restorations before you decide not to buy. Intonation is perfect. Harmonic tuning is easy.

To show how highly I think of this guitar, I installed new Grover Rotomatics.

New Parts

Tuners - New Grover Rotomatics

Frets - All new (Stewmac 0155)

Bridge Pins - New ebony wood

Strap Pin - New ebony wood

Truss Rod Cover - shop made (kinda ugly but it works)

X-bracing and all new upper bout bracing.

Bridge - rosewood

Saddle - vintage bone, compensated

Nut - vintage bone

Original components

Top - AAA grade solid Sitka spruce

Neck - solid mahogany

Back and sides - solid mahogany


TOP: There were three long cracks in the top and several shorter cracks. One side has a repaired crack (no longer visible). Extensive pick wear shows all around the sound hole and on both sides of the fret board extension. Lots of damage west of the extension. The guitar had bad upper bout damage. The finger board extension was pushed into the top and the top was cracked through. All damage is comprehensively repaired. All cracks are smooth to the touch.

The peg head is somewhat worn, though the front looks very nice. All tuner screw holes are filled with mahogany dowel and finished before new tuner holes are drilled.

Neck back was refinished.

Back and sides refinished.

Warranty Statement

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. The guitar has a two-year structural warranty. This applies to all crack repairs and any string height changes.