Harmonic Tuning For Tenor Guitar (C G D A)

When you tune to an electronic tuner, you are tuned to the tuner. But a guitar, must be tuned to itself for best tone. Here is how this works: With harmonic tuning, you compare a fretted tone to a harmonic tone. The frequencies should match. If they don’t, you will hear beat frequencies. That is; you will hear a WA-WA-WA sound. Pitches (string frequencies generated by picking) with matching frequencies produce a steady tone - no warble or WA-WA-WA. You can hear the WA-WA-WA slow as the pitches begin to match as you increase string tension. When comparing tones, start with the fretted string pitch below the harmonic pitch and tune up gradually.
1) Tune C string to C pitch on electronic tuner (Ukulele C3 on chromatic tuners)
2) G string tuning: G-5th to C string at 12th fret Harmonic
3) D string tuning: D-5th to G string at 12th fret Harmonic
4) A string tuning: A-5th to D string at 12th fret Harmonic
5) Re-check C string against tuner, then all other strings again

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