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Harmony H1201 V-braced restoration #151

Price: $350

Shipping - add $35

No case

Exceptionally nice sounding vintage (early 60’s) 4 string tenor guitar. Worth what we are asking -- you won’t be disappointed.

Guitar has many nice play quality improvements. However, we kept the vintage look on top and sides and back of neck.

Action is (high pitch) 4/64 inch at 12th fret and (low pitch) 5/64.

Gear head face is nice and clean.

We pay attention to fine details. The inside back is cleaned up and sanded smooth. The sides are sanded smooth (like Martin does). The braces are tapered and sanded smooth. Serial numbers (if any) are preserved. The bridge pins and end pins are seriously great looking ivoroid.

We replaced the original simulated ebony bridge with a slightly wider real solid ebony bridge. The original had a brass fret saddle.

Original intonation was way off. Makes me wonder how they ever tuned this. Must have sounded terrible.

No cracks, but plenty of nicks and dents and several scratches.

Guitar has an original H!201 pick guard which appears to not fit correctly. However, it is an original and is installed correctly. This guitar came to us with a factory installed pick guard for a Harmony H1203 Western Special. This was very sloppy looking as it was way too big. That is why the lighter finish areas are visible around the edges of the correct H1201 pick guard.

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