Harmony H1201 Tenor Guitar Rebuild #61


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Dear moonlightluthiers,
Yep, shipping was pretty quick, and the packaging handled the trip just fine. Guitar sounds quite nice. I'm new to the tenor guitar, and there aren't many choices out there for medium priced instruments. You got those Blueridge guitars, which everyone seems to love, and a couple of cheapie Ibanez ones on the market. So for the price of a Blueridge and case, I got a nicely restored and rebuilt vintage instrument. It was a no-brainer. I had been hunting for almost a year, and in that time I got to play a 60's Gibson, the Blueridge, an Ibanez, and an old Harmony. I have to say that your rebuilt Harmony was miles ahead of any other tenor I had the chance to play or see. The originals do have a sweet sound, but are kinda boxy, and uneven sounding. Playability is usually not so great either. I noticed a much fuller and deeper sound in yours. I'm sure the bracing made a huge difference. Notes are quite lively and "jump out" at you. For a little box, it sure sounds big! Great job, and I hope you keep doing more tenors! There's a solid following for them, and I think you add quite a bit of value in the quality and playability of these old relics.

Quality rebuilt vintage guitar. Great packaging, and quick shipping. Thanks! (eBay)

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