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Harmony Sovereign H1203 000- sized V-braced Conversion (#152)

Price: $450

Shipping - add $75

Shipping reduced by $30 for PA, VA, DE, NJ and MD residents

Factory fresh hard shell case is optional - add $90 (our cost)

I know - I know! It has all kinds of cosmetic issues. Oddly, the long scratches are under the original top finish. (We very rarely change or refinish OEM tops.) So did they sell it like this? I cannot figure out how those scratches got there. Certainly nothing to do with our work. So what do they call those vintage pick up trucks left all rusty, but with new high-tech frame, suspension, and huge engine? Sleeper? This guitar is a sleeper.

Exceptionally nice sounding 000- sized guitar. Worth what we are asking -- you won’t be disappointed though it is pretty homely.

Action is at or below 4/64 inch at 12th fret.

Gear head face is nice and clean on this one.

We pay attention to fine details. The inside back and sides are cleaned. We chop out the factory glue globs. Back and sides are sanded smooth (like Martin does). The braces are tapered or arched and sanded smooth. Serial numbers (if any) are preserved. The saddle is compensated. Back braces are rounded and sanded smooth. We use a drill press and reamer to install new bushings.

No cracks anywhere

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