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Harmony Sovereign H1203 Branded as Regal X-brace conversion (410)

Price: $899

Free Shipping

Ships in used but good condition hard case.

This is a Harmony made guitar in all respects except for the bridge pattern and the peg head. All materials and construction on the original guitar are right out of the Harmony factory.

For a long time I have wanted to convert an H1203 to short scale. This modification was a total success.

Tone quality and harmonic response are outstanding. Actually, this is amazing for a small body guitar. Scale length is over 1/2-inch shorter that a standard H1203. You can see this on the revised bridge placement, which is shifted towards the sound hole. You can even see the original bolt holes, now filled. This guitar offers nice play feel and perfect intonation. Action is 4/64 at the 12th fret. I predict you will put all other guitars aside and play this one. Check my feedback and you will know.

Neck was reset.

Back was removed, ladder bracing on top was removed, new X-bracing installed.

Back bracing is original, but rounded and sanded smooth.

Bracing is added to the sides.

As usual, satisfaction is guaranteed. Returns allowed per my warranty.

I pay attention to small details. Top braces are tapered and sanded smooth. The inside back and sides are cleaned up and sanded smooth. Back braces are rounded and sanded smooth. Harmony production glue globs are chipped out. Serial numbers (if any) are preserved.

Please note - this is definitely not a show piece guitar. It is a player guitar. Tone quality is top notch excellent. Your are buying this guitar to enjoy the excellent play feel and the sound.

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Please note: many sellers do not accept returns. I do. I am dedicated to customer satisfaction. This is a great guitar you will want to keep and play for years. This is not something I just want to get rid of.

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