Harmony H1250 Jamboree Guitar Rebuild #65


Feedback On This Guitar Sale

The Jamboree is amazing, just amazing. I will write up a thoroughly detailed review a bit later but for now, I'm just tuning it in and loving the tone -- sooooo beautiful. Thanks so much for offering to sell this one to me; I will continue to buy more oddball models that may come through in the future! I may send pics of the Birch/Maple 1260 style Sovereign model I have that's beat all to hell (H1264 I believe). Would make a great rebuild, but there's a lot of work needed to make it right... But of course, it'd be mine! Cheers and thanks for keeping these guitars alive, as some of us really do appreciate that!


Solid Sitka spruce top - refinished natural to show off the nice quality top.

No cracks anywhere

There are some very minor dings and marks in the top and some patched holes from the pick guard attachment screws. We will supply the original white plastic (styrene) 3-D pick guard not attached. Buyer can apply if wanted.

Amazingly, the original fret board was ebony with square MOT markers. Unfortunatly, a previous owner destroyed it presumably during an attempt to remove. The new fb is quality rosewood.

New Parts

OEM Parts