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Harmony Sovereign H1260 V-braced Restoration (#157)

Nice condition restored. Back and sides are refinished.

Top is original with a couple very tiny touch ups.

Excellent full range sound response. Excellent play action. You can take this to any jam session and keep up with the big boys.

We pay attention to fine details. The inside back is cleaned up and sanded smooth. The sides are sanded smooth (like Martin does). The braces are tapered or arched and sanded smooth. Serial numbers (if any) are preserved. Back braces are rounded and sanded smooth. For improved playability we add spruce side reinforcing strips. This makes the entire guitar stronger and stiffer thus avoiding that rubber band feeling you have on original Harmony guitars. We use a drill press and reamer to install new bushings. We do what Harmony should have done 50 years ago.

New Parts

OEM Parts


Top has several dings and some pick wear below the hole. One surface crack above sound hole not appearing to go all through. Totally stabilized.

Sides had several cracks, all thoroughly stabilized

Back has several cracks. These are fully stabilized.

Gear head faces shows some wear and fading.

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