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Harmony H8335 Roy Smeck V-braced conversion Jumbo (#160)

Price: $650

Shipping - add $75

Shipping reduced by $30 for PA, VA, DE, NJ and MD residents

Original functional but rough case is included. All latches work.

Decent condition for its age - rebuilt not necessarily "restored". Back and sides are refinished with perfect matching black. Top is original with touch up. Back was removed, insides cleaned up, all cracks repaired and stabilized, excess glue removed.

This guitar had a lot of "repair work" before we got it. So much of our rehabilitation work was correcting earlier work.

Top has lots of dings and typical 60 year old finish cracking. We definitely kept the vintage look.

Sound is way better than original.

We pay attention to fine details. Braces are tapered or arched and sanded smooth. Serial numbers (if any) are preserved. Back braces are rounded and sanded smooth. We use a drill press and reamer to install new bushings. We do what Harmony should have done 50 years ago.

New Parts

OEM Parts


Top has some checking, finish checking or finish cracks, and several dings. We left the original pick guard attachment screw holes.

Gear head face has scratches, but rubber stamp logo is excellent.

Neck heel was cracked. This is 100% structurally sound after our repairs.

Many finish repairs consistent with rehabilitation but not restoration. We definitely kept the vintage many times repaired look.

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