Harmony Roy Smeck X-brace Conversion 217 - SOLD

Fantastic sounding Harmony Roy Smeck.

No case

We have upgraded five Harmony Roy Smeck guitars. Three for customers and two sold here. This one must be a freak. We always X-brace these the same way, but somehow this one sounds like a vintage dreadnought. All around great tone with nice full harmonic overtones. As Joe Satriani once said, " I like it ".

New Parts

Frets - all new high profile

Bracing - X-brace in premium Sitka spruce

Tuners - New Fancy Stewmac (2513-RN)

Nut - vintage bone

Bridge - ebony

Saddle - vintage bone

Pin set - Galalith Ivoroid - Jewelry for your guitar

End Pin - Galalith Ivorid matching pin set


OEM Parts

Top - solid Sitka spruce - all original

Sides - solid mahogany

Back - one piece (!) solid mahogany

Fret board - Super Hard Coco Bolo


Top is all original.No cracks. No touchups.

Back and sides - completely refinished - no cracks and very nice. There is one small fill area to repair blowout caused by removing the back binding.

Neck - Refinshed.  Some dings per original condition

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