c. 1898 Regal (Wulschner) Model 104 Restoration (213)

Price: $800

Shipping add $60

Excellent condition original cardboard case included

This guitar closely matches both the Regal/Wulschner standard size guitar a friend of mine has, and the model 104 described on pages 125-129 of the book Regal Musical Instruments 1895-1955 by Bob Carlin. This guitar does not have any labels. Text in the book states that MOP/MOT decorations varied from year to year. Some guitars had a star on the peg head as does this one. I believe the catalog entries for these guitars miss-represent the fret board wood. This guitar and my friends guitar had dyed Walnut fret boards. We replaced that on this guitar with solid ebony.

New Parts

Frets - all new high profile

Bracing - X-brace in premium Sitka spruce

Tuners - Golden Age Restoration With Ebony Grips

Nut - vintage bone

Bridge - Premium ebony

Saddle - vintage bone

Fret board - new solid ebony

Frets - all new high profile

Position markers - mother of pearl

Reinforcing rod - new 1/8" X 1/4" carbon fiber reinforcing rod.


OEM Parts

Top - solid Sitka spruce

Back and sides - solid Brazilian rosewood

Neck - cedar


Top - refinished - several cracks all repaired. No pick wear.

Back and sides - refinished, no cracks,

Neck - excellent and refinished except for peg head face

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Moonlightluthiers - have pick will travel.