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I do not work on the following Harmony Guitars: H162 H1270 H1230 or any Stella model

H1260 Sound Demo Same Guitar Before and After - Hear It

My Acoustic Guitar Work Particulars

Have you ever wondered whether the guy selling you a "restored" Harmony Sovereign guitar has experience in this line of work? How many Harmony Sovereigns have they repaired? Any re-brace operations? Reset or bridge replacement?

The image below shows a fraction of the bridges I have removed from H1260 and H1203 guitars. I don't attempt to save the original bridges because they are not worth saving. I cut the original down to 1/16 inch and use heat to remove. What you see here are the remains of my bridge removal process.

So, yeah, I am experienced.

Mossman Repairs

I now do the Agony of D Feet repair and neck resets on vintage Mossman guitars. $300.

My Prices

You may notice that prices are lower on this website than they are on eBay or Reverb. That is because there are no eBay or Reverb fees when buying through this site. And I offer an excellent guarantee: Satisfaction or your money back. I support my customers.

What I Do

I am a small shop specializing in vintage Harmony Sovereign guitar restorations.

I also buy or accept unplayable or wrecked quality acoustic guitars and make them playable again.

I do not install or repair any electronics. My arena is that heavenly acoustic ring.

I do not do cosmetic restorations, though my work is very neat. I leave the original finish intact as much as possible. I may do spot repairs here and there.

My Goals

I restore the following Harmony built guitars Suitable for Rebuilding (made between 1958 through 1970)

My brace conversion and restoration fee is $700 shipping to you included. Sorry folks, I am forced to raise my fee due to increased parts and material cost.

All numbers in parenthesis throughout this website are stewmac.com part or item numbers.

Standard items included with every X- or V-brace conversion and rebuild:

Note 3 - Customer may supply tuners as long as they will fit the Sovereign gear head. The fee is reduced $45 in this case.


Many potential customers want to know how good my finishing work is. I rarely strip a guitar unless it is one of my purchased instruments and then only if the original was really terrible. I prefer the original finish even if it is pretty well marked up. I prefer to keep that vintage vibe.


How Do I Charge Such Low Prices?

I do not have a store front. I pay no rent. I have access to amazing stocks of mahogany, rosewood, maple, and other hardwoods. I have all the tools and equipment a luthier could ever need.

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