Broken Truss Rod Cover Fix

Oh Boy, you just broke the white plastic truss rod cover on your Harmony Sovereign. Now what?

Broken Truss Rod covers are a big problem on Harmony Sovereign guitars. These are usually cracked, broken, or completely missing on the guitars we buy.

But if you have all the pieces, this article explains one way to fix it.

The Usual Break.

Harmony truss rod covers are made of polystyrene. They age badly and become very brittle. Even new, they break easily if you over tighten the screws.

The cover below broke at the pointy end.

This image shows one way to fix the break.

Use medium super glue to stick the pieces together on some waxed paper. After waiting 2-3 hours for the glue to dry carefully peel off the waxed paper. Set the assembled parts on some high strength adhesive tape. A good type of tape to use is metal foil duct tape. Don't use the old gray or white duct tape because the adhesive won't last. After the tape adheres fully, trim off the excess tape.


It’s not perfect, but at least it is original and it looks better. Well, maybe a little better.

We never do this on our sale or customer repair guitars if at all possible. Our preference is to make a replacement in the shop.