Surface Protector and Jig Making Sheet

This stuff is the handiest thing since the gramil or maybe the spoon bit.

Bed Bath and Beyond Sells Thin Cutting Board sheets (Get only this brand. Others are not as nice.)

This shows just a few of the many top protectors. Each protector is custom cut to fit a particular guitar. These were cut to fit on both sides of the fret board extension. Great for installing those last few pesky frets or fixing some fret ends. File teeth have no effect on this material. Tape it down with green tape to make sure it cannot possibly move.

This shows some of the many top protectors cut specifically for each bridge. We never shave bridges, but we do drill pin holes, taper ream, cut saddle slots, fit saddles, fit new pins. Can you imagine the damage dropping any tool persuant to any of those tasks on a spruce top? Yuck! This material is just about bullet proof.

Making a pick guard template. Trace around an original with a carbide point. Then cut out following the grooves.

In image above, there are gear head shapes. Use this to protect the gear head finish. Remove tuners first. Use 3M orange ear protectors cut in half to plug the tuner holes. Cut the material approx. 1/4 inch less than the outline of the gear head. Tape down very thoroughly with green tape (assuming good finish). Now you can strip and refinish the back of the gear head without affecting that nice looking finished gear head face. Stripper has no effect on this material.

I also use this to cover and protect paper lables such as what Mossman and Taylor adhere to inside guitar backs.

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