3M Green Tape

3M For Hard To Stick Surfaces

Rating: ***** (out of five stars possible)

This is the only tape appropriate for lacquer finished guitars. It is fine for varnished guitars too

 3M Green Tape

2060 is the 3M item number.

The current labeling inside the tape roll states not for use on sensitive surfaces. However, that label used to state "acceptable for lacquer finished surfaces". I am not sure why they changed the label but I can say that this tape is perfect for lacquer finishes. Here in the shop we left this tape on lacquer finished vintage guitars for months (!) and there was no damage to the lacquer or reaction to the finish at all.

The tape adhesive is very sensitive to moisture and will not stick to wet surfaces. Any contact with moisture destroys the adhesive.

I recommend green tape without reservation for well adhered lacquer finishes. As with any tape, do not use on flaking or otherwise poorly adhered finishes.

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