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Grip Cheater (Revised 4/18/2022)

Got vintage tuners? This tool for tuning is just the thing. And it is super simple to make.

Get a 2 1/8 inch length of 1/2 inch white PVC pipe. Don’t use the beige stuff. Drill a 3/8 inch hole perpendicular to one end.

Glue in a 3 inch length of 3/8 inch dowel rod.

Heat the end of the pipe opposite of the dowel to just soft. Don't melt it. '

Before the pipe coold, flatten 1 inch of the other end in a vise. Channel Lock pliers will work too. Crush the end just enough so it fits over a tuner grip.

Tune like you own it!

Selling these for $15 free shipping.

©2022 D.R. Hanna (Revised 4/18/2022)