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Shut Up And Play

Do yourself a big favor and listen to this with a good set of head phones. Sound quality is superb, as are the lessons.

Harmonic Tuning

First, tune to your electronic tuner or tune as you normally do, then try the following: (’H’ = Harmonic tone; arrows indicate "tune to"):

Make sure ’D’ string is at correct pitch.

  1. D12H ⇐ G 7th fret (tune G 7th fret to the D 12th Fret Harmonic)
  2. D12H ⇐ B 3rd
  3. G12H ⇐ E 3rd
  4. A12H ⇐ G 2nd (or A5H ⇒ D7H)
  5. Low E 5H ⇐ High E Open (or E5H ⇒ A7H)
  6. You are listening for the harmonic "beat"frequency when the strings are harmonically out of tune.
  7. Start tuning the string from below the pitch and come up to the pitch. When tuning a guitar with all the harmonics present (like our Harmony rebuilds!) you can hear the dissonant harmonic beat frequencies resolve into a consonant or smooth tone as you bring the string to correct tune. Tune slowly.