Harmony Sovereign Truss Rod Knock Out Tool

Have the neck off ready for a reset? Truss rod broken? Need to replace the truss rod?

Harmony Sovereign truss rods are easy to remove (with care) and easy to replace with another OEM rod.

The image below shows the perfect tool for removing the Harmony Sovereign truss rod. Use this tool to gently tap (not pound or force) the truss rod out the gear head end of the slot. The truss rod slot is open and accessible under the fret board extension when the neck is off the guitar. Be gentle with the compression washer. It does not want to come out while the rod is in place. Push the rod back into the neck before attempting to remove the compression washer.

So, what is it? This is the drain raising and lowering rod from a bathroom sink. These are available at any hardware store or home center.

©2017 D.R. Hanna