Our Standard Back and Sides Finish

We want you to see and know what your guitar finish will look like. This guitar body is buffed and ready for neck installation.

The huge images below show our typical Back and Sides Finish. You will notice some obvious large discoloration areas. These are original to the guitar. Very dark areas are either the camera or my hands reflected in the images.

Not 100% perfect but darn good. I would say this job rates an 8.5 out of perfect 10.

Image 1. Note the 1/2 inch discoloration resulting from a crack. This refused to take any type of stain, finish repair marker, etc. So we left it. Also note several areas of binding glue bleed into adjacent finish. We have found this is almost impossible to stop completely. This guitar was exceptionally difficult to clean up because the finish was extremely brittle. Keep in mind, installing plastic binding with finish eating adhesive is a major tight rope act. Getting binding areas to look this good is a significant achievement.

Another back image on a red burst. This is my own guitar. Once again my fat head is in the image. I rate this finish as a 9.5.

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

I want to know, what other guitar restoration team shows as much final finish detail as we do?