Small Clamp Mod For Dovetail Shim Installation

This article concerns dovetail fitment methods and suggests a way to clamp shims to the dovetail glue face. At this point, alignment of fret board to bridge and saddle slot is already perfected. Here, the shims are clamped in preparation for dovetail fitment. This describes a minor tool mod to make shim clamping a little easier.

The images below show how to modify the clamp pads on a very small plastic squeeze clamp. Note how the black pads are thin on one edge and thick on the other..

Below is the same clamp but showing the other side of the black pads.

The image below shows the modified clamp in action.

Note that the thick side of the clamp pads are towards the narrow end of the dovetail. The pads are easy to modify using a fresh sharp utility blade. The little pads are hard to hold on to, so take care with that sharp blade. Can someone tell me what "L" and "H" mean? I added the letters a long time ago, but have no idea what they indicate. DUH!

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