Strap Pin Crow Bar

On most of the guitars we work on, the strap pin is very difficult to remove. This is certainly the case for Harmony guitars. We need to remove this pin so as to continue with the rebuild work.

So, Hank made a tool. He found a tiny little "Vaughn" brand crow bar in the bottom of the tool box. This is the smallest crow bar made, far as I know.

He used a Dremel grinder to carve out a rounded slot in place of the nail remover V.

Before attempting to remove any strap pin, we check around the strap pin hole, and use an inspection mirror to check for glue inside on the pin. Removing glued in strap pins usually pulls out a bit of finish on the outside.

We always slip a bit of 1/8 inch maple scrap between the crow bar and the body finish. Keeps the bar from denting the finish.

It works!



©2017 D.R. Hanna