This opinion article assumes the finish on your guitar is in good condition and well adhered. Do not use any tape on bad finish.

The only masking tape product allowed anywhere near our guitar work bench is shown below:

This is the best stuff since sliced deli-meat. It can be left on a lacquer surface for a week or more. It won't harm lacquer like all other masking and packing tapes do.

Has excellent masking properties.

This tape sticks like crazy and yet if pulled off at a 45 degree angle won't harm a finshed surface.

Works great for binding, except that it does not like glue residue or moisture which ruins the adhesive. So you have to wipe off any moisture or glue as you install the binding. This stuff is way better than cords or rubber bands for binding installation because it sticks like the devil and is slightly stretchy.

They only make 3/4, 1 1/2 and 2 inch wide rolls. You can cut the wider roll into thin strips as needed.

We buy the 3/4 wide rolls by the case.