Tape Trick 1

OK, this is pretty trivial, buy may help someone.

We use a lot of 3M ”Hard Surface” green tape. It is expensive and we try to be frugal.

The smallest width available is 3/4 inch. A variety of smaller widths is really handy.

So we make our own. We buy the widest width, then slice it into several different widths as needed.

Those skinny widths can be hard to pull off the roll. They keep ripping.

We found that removing the center part makes it much easier to pull off the outer strips. But we don’t want to waste that middle part just because the edges are rough. We use that part where a straight edge is not needed.

In the image, you can see three rolls. On the left is an empty roll. On the right is the sliced roll with the center part removed. In the middle is the saved strip with two rough edges.