Taylor 314ce-N Nylon String Repair #XX


This is a like new Taylor Nylon string guitar damaged in a store accident. It had a bad crack in the top and in the back. The lower bout was also damaged. The repairs are not quite invisible but are very clean. All repairs are structurally sound. There is one blemish visible in the top, finish only is affected.

Now is your chance to own a great Taylor Nylon series guitar at a super low price.

Tone quality plugged in is amazing. Unplugged is straight nylon sound.

New Parts

OEM Parts

Our usual warranty statement applies to this guitar. However, returns only for structural issues for one year. No returns for tone quality. If you like nylon string guitars, you will like this guitar. Also, at this price, this guitar is too valuable to risk shipping back and forth. Besides, at this price, this is fantastic deal. New 314ce-N guitars are over $1700.

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