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Tools and Techniques

How To Ship An Acoustic Guitar With No Case

Shipping Sticker - Tape this on your shipping box


Typical Back and Sides Finish - Truth In Sales Details

Sovereign Top Braces Removed

Top Plank Jointing Jig


Fret Board Extension Anvil

Bridge Removal

Bridge Attachment

The Fantastic Cone Sander

Angle Keeper


Our Rebuild Label

OEM Harmony Cases

H1233 Truss Rod

Truss Rod Slotting Jig

H1233 Top and Braces

Hitachi TR-6 Trim Router

Compensated Saddle Preparation

Pick Guard Attachment/Adhesive Preparation

Re-drilling Slot Head Tuner Post Holes

Tape Trick 1

Tape Trick 2

Tape Trick 3

DIY Truss Rod Cover Plate

Truss Rod Cover Fix

Slotting Jig for In-Situ Bridge Work

Harmony Production Adhesives

Strap Pin Crow Bar

Tuner Installation

Amazing Harmony Sovereign Factory Glue Job

Gibson Steam Stopper

Gibson LG1 Bridge Replacement

Refret Tools and Techniques

Mossman Agony of D Feet Repair

Marking Tools

The Amazing Plastic Razor Blade

Replacing Marker Dots

Harmony Truss Rod Problems and Enhancement

Harmony Sovereign Truss Rod Removal Tool

Vintage Gibson Side Reinforcing Strip Problem

Filling Tuner Mounting Screw Holes On the Gear Head

Unplayed Fret Board

Marples Drill Guide - Installing A Body Accessible Truss Rod

Don’t Cut Steel Guitar Strings

Binding With Stewmac Bind All Adhesive

Bridge Alignment

Dating Harmony Sovereign Guitars

Harmony Top Section

Top Protector and Template Material

Tuner Upgrade: Installing Solid Metal Bushings

Four Fretting Tools

Five Scrapers

Harmony Steel Reinforcing Bar

Seven Measuring Tools

Why Harmony Sovereign Guitars Need New Bracing

Pick Guard Flattening and Restoration

Harmonic Tuning

Neck Heel Adjustment and Slotting Jig